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In the articles on this website
I look at two problem areas of twentieth-century physics.

I present a new framework for understanding relativity and the wave-particle paradox. This framework results from my view is that reality is binary (or dual) in nature, and matches the binary nature of consciousness.

The ideas here are philosophy of science : there are no maths and only a tiny amount of elementary physics is needed relevant to the world of the atom.

First :
Western thinkers have consistently mis-understood relative concepts. They have failed to understand the differences between the three terms : subjectivity, relativity, and objectivity.

Secondly :
When, as in simplistic thinking, a binary reality is reduced to a unitary reality, then a paradox is created. The most celebrated paradox in science is the wave-particle one. A paradox does not indicate a fault in reality, but a fault in the conceptual framework within which the paradox appears.

The articles on this website are in four sections.

The first three sections are compatible with a format of realism.

The fourth section presents a synthesis within the format of philosophical Idealism (the view that reality is a mental product). My understanding of philosophical Idealism is different from traditional expositions of it, since I incorporate my ideas on relativity and the subconscious mind.

See the article Notes on Emotion and Abreaction for background information on emotions and the process of abreaction (and its dialectical nature).

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section 1

Nature of  Relativity

The Ego and Relativity


The Flow of  Thought

Logic of Consciousness

Summary 1

section 2

Nature of  Consciousness

Existentialism and Psychology


Contrasting Meaning and Value

The Antinomies

Summary 2

section 3

Nature of  Matter

Charge and Feeling

Waves and Particles

Causality and Change

section 4

Nature of  Mind

Philosophical  Idealism  – a quick tour

Synthesis of  Mind and Matter

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